Chapter 109.2: The Absolute Defense and the Star Protection

Book 13: Life Gold

Chapter 109.2: The Absolute Defense and the Star Protection 

He Caitou continued, “In terms of abilities, we may be at an advantage. However, how can our financial power match up to such dominant powers like the Star Luo Empire? To them, even such an expensive soul tool is expendable.”

Ma Xiaotao, the most powerful member, was trapped. This was a disaster for Shrek Academy’s team.

Princess Jiu Jiu had obviously planned out her strategy well. With Ma Xiaotao out of the way, her fourth soul ring lit up. A ball of thick, intense starlight was unleashed. This time, the starlight was as bright as the sun. This ball expanded into a barrier of light, it forcefully expelling the Icemist outside. Only the seven members on her side, including Dai Yueheng, Bei Bei and the trapped Ma Xiaotao, were covered within this layer of light.

On the surface of the layer of the light barrier, 18 stars appeared and flashed with a bright glow.

Huang Heyun and Yi Chen, who were both fighting Ma Xiaotao initially, changed their target to Dai Yueheng without any hesitation. The four Soul Kings encircled him. Bei Bei continued to suffer from the relentless attacks of the Lightning Warfalcon, and he could not even ensure his own safety.

Princess Jiu Jiu appeared indifferent as she looked at the Icemist outside the layer of light, and she curled her lips up slightly. There was yet another soul master in front of her who, till this point, had not joined in the battle at all.

“Not good.” Inside the Icemist, Ling Luochen’s face grew solemn. She quickly forced an wave with the Icemist. However, the light barrier that flashed with starlight continued to resist the Icemist. It was unable to gain any ground. There was a flickering radiance that shone from the 18 stars. It was obvious that unless the light from all 18 stars dimmed, this light barrier would not be broken.

No one would have expected such a situation before the competition. Princess Jiu Jiu had divided the seven members of the Shrek Academy in half. Furthermore, Ling Luochen had discovered this problem far too late. Amongst her own team, those who were offensively inclined were covered by the light barrier, while everyone else left outside of it were not skilled in attacking.

Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao could mount an offense, but their cultivations were simply too weak.

The Ultimate Ice could only enhance Ling Luochen’s soul skill, but not change it. Unfortunately, Ling Luochen was a control-type soul master, not an assault-type soul master. She only had the Icemist at her disposal for attacking.

On top of the city wall, the Star Luo Emperor revealed a gentle smile on his face, “To Shrek, it’s not an entirely bad thing to lose. The Star Barrier of our Star Luo bloodline hasn’t appeared in the continent for a very long time. I’m afraid the world of soul masters has already forgotten our powerful defense-type soul skill that’s known for being able to isolate all other elements. It’s rather useful while facing off against Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice. My younger sister has been unconvinced by my appraisal of that little fellow because of this. When that little fellow grows up, I would really like to see the result of a fight between the Star Barrier and his Ultimate element.”

At this moment, Dai Yueheng was the one who was in the most danger.

The attacking force of Star Luo Academy’s Windfire duo had increased after they teamed up. Without the suppression of the phoenix flames, Yi Chen looped her hands in front of her, causing a bright flaming ring to loom over Dai Yueheng.

Dai Yueheng couldn’t avoid this flaming halo. This was because the light ring first expanded to cover the entire area of the Star Barrier before it retracted towards the center.

The wind control-type Soul King, Wang Shiying, also unleashed a similar halo of light. One red and one green light ring overlapped each other and exploded at the same time.

As the saying went, wind aided the strength of fire. The instant that the two light rings ascended, a series of howls and booms resonated in the air. With Dai Yueheng’s body as the center, a huge pillar of wind and fire rose into the sky. With the power of wind supplementing it, the burning flames became extremely deadly; they were like a huge meat grinder that was wildly crushing everything within them.

After unleashing the combination of Wind and Fire, Huang Heyun, Dugu Shangshan, Yi Chen and Wang Shiying did not exploit the opportunity to attack. Rather, they gathered together rapidly and stood in a row.

The abilities of the Shrek Academy’s Soul Emperors were displayed right now. Even while Ma Xiaotao was suppressed heavily, Dai Yueheng didn’t panic at all. As the pillar of Wind and Fire was unleashed, Huang Heyun and Dugu Shangshan were not able to force him back by even half a step. Instead, they caused him to become even fiercer.

As the pillar of Wind and Fire was unleashed, the immense pressure caused his hairs to curl up. However, Dai Yueheng faced the sky and released a roar. He thumped his fists against his chest, and blazing golden lights were suddenly released from his body. The character ‘王’ on his forehead even flashed with a bright radiance. Behind him, a huge illusory figure of a white tiger flashed. Suddenly, he bent his back and slammed his fist down on the ground beneath his feet.

When this fist struck the solid competition stage, everything seemed to go still in the Star Barrier Domain. Following silence, a booming sound like thunder rang out. Debris flew and blew apart the pillar of Wind and Fire, scattering fragments in various directions.

It should be noted that the two control-type Soul Kings fought with the support of Princess Jiu Jiu’s Starglory Spell. According to their original estimates, a Soul Emperor could only defend passively if the two of them teamed up together to control him. But who knew that Dai Yueheng would managed to overcome them using his tough strength and soul power. Not only did he not defend, but he used his immense strength to break apart the wind and fire elements using the earth element.

Princess Jiu Jiu focused her gaze. When the red and green light rings exploded, Dai Yueheng also lifted his head and looked in the direction of Princess Jiu Jiu.

As their gazes met, Princess Jiu Jiu’s expression turned cold. Dai Yueheng’s eyes flashed with a strange glint. As he bellowed, his body bent forward a little. In the next instant, he had already leapt out like lightning, and his target was Princess Jiu Jiu. It was best to go for the leader to root out the problem.

However, four figures formed a quaternity in front of her and blocked his path. Dai Yueheng couldn’t see anything strange from the front, but the back of four members of the Star Luo Academy emitted dim white radiances.

The white radiances formed a dome-like shape, just like the shell on the back of a turtle. These radiances shone through the uniforms they wore.

Yi Chen, who stood the furthest back, pressed on Wang Shiyin’s back. Wang Shiying did the same towards Dugu Shangshan. Similarly, Dugu Shangshan’s palms also pressed on Huang Heyun’s back. Right now, they seemed like one entity now.

Huang Heyun’s size seemed to have ballooned from earlier causing blood vessels squirming under the fur of the Darkdemon Tiger’s Possession to be visible. As Dai Yueheng leapt forward, Huang Heyun suddenly struck his palms forward. As they struck, Huang Heyun let loose a deep growl. This growl carried an extremely concentrated aura of darkness and collided with Dai Yueheng.

“Boom------” Dai Yueheng felt as if he had collided with a sheet of iron. He was sent flying and was knocked violently against the light barrier of the Star Barrier. His organs felt as if they were on fire. As he tried to get up, he vomited fresh blood.

Impossible! This was the first thought that he had in his mind after he was sent flying.

The opponent was only a Soul King! How could his soul power be so great? Even if the opponent was a seven-ringed Soul Sage, he would still be unable to unleash such power without using his Martial Soul True Body!

Below the competition stage, Wang Yan was a little anxious. He grabbed He Caitou beside him and asked, “What, what soul tool is this?”

He Caitou laughed bitterly. “This is a rare soul tool called the Nine Transformations Soulrite. The core formation that’s used to produce it requires a special metal called Chaos Silver. The greatest strength of this Nine Transformations Soulrite is that it can change soul power types. No matter what type of soul power is injected into it, the type of soul power that comes out is the most balanced chaos-type that can be absorbed by anyone of any type. Through this Nine Transformations Soulrite, soul masters can inject their soul power into one another for a short period of time. But a portion of the soul power injected into them has to be released quickly. After all, soul power beyond what a soul master can handle will lead to damage in his passageways. Furthermore, chaos-type soul power can only be used temporarily, and can’t be fused with one’s own soul power. I didn’t expect them to use this. The Nine Transformations Soulrite is a Class 5 soul tool, and can be used by soul masters with less than seven rings. If the person it’s used by is a seven-ringed Soul Sage or stronger, the core formation of the Chaos Silver can’t handle the surge of soul power unless it’s an extremely large Nine Transformations Soulrite.”

As he struck his palms towards Dai Yueheng, Huang Heyun’s face surged with a tinge of red. He shouldered the greatest pressure, as he helmed the tip of the Nine Transformations Soulrite. After this competition, he would have to rest for up to a month to heal his passageways. However, he would not hold back here. Amplified by Princess Jiu Jiu’s Starglory Spell, the combined power of 5 soul kings had hurt Dai Yueheng. However, Ma Xiaotao couldn’t be restrained forever. To win, they had to end everything before Ma Xiaotao escaped, and gather the powers of all seven of them to deal with the strongest Soul Emperor.

Hence, Huang Heyun followed up with another attack immediately. A huge figure of a black tiger leapt out from his body. It was the Demontiger’s Heavenshock that he had used against Ma Xiaotao before.

The difference this time was that, under the support of the frightening soul power, this illusory figure of the Darkdemon Tiger seemed like a real entity. In just a moment, it was already in front of Dai Yueheng. They were planning to incapacitate Dai Yueheng in this next strike.

The situation in the Star Barrier was very dangerous. However, what about the situation outside the Star Barrier?

When Huo Yuhao and the rest saw that Dai Yueheng was being attacked by the Windfire duo, they realized that things were going to be bad. However, they had no chance if they did not overcome the barrier of light in front of them. But, how could they have the power to do so?

Xu Sanshi really wanted to enter the state of the Xuanwu turtle. However, he couldn’t just summon it at any time he wished. If Jiang Nannan was the one who was trapped, it might have been a different story. But without her, he couldn’t unleash it.

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