Chapter 109.1: The Absolute Defense and the Star Protection

Book 13: Life Gold

Chapter 109.1: The Absolute Defense and the Star Protection

Wang Yan referred to them as the Windfire Duo. They both were female soul masters with elemental martial souls: one was fire-type while the other was wind-type.

At this moment, Yi Chen, the rank 51 fire control-type Soul King, pressed her right hand down towards Ma Xiaotao. A blazing circle of light instantly appeared below Ma Xiaotao’s feet, generating an intense vacuum underneath her. Ma Xiaotao suddenly felt her phoenix flames draining out from below her with unstoppable momentum; they were being frantically absorbed by the red circle of light.

The weaknesses of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing started to show at this point. The Starglory Spell unleashed by Princess Jiu Jiu’s Star Crown interfered with Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, rendering him to be unable to support his teammates. Otherwise, how could Ma Xiaotao’s battle be so passive?

Huo Yuhao was despondent. Princess Jiu Jiu’s Star Crown seemed to counter his Spirit Eyes. Of course, he wouldn’t have been afraid if they were both at the same level of mastery. However, his level of mastery was greatly inferior at the moment, so the gap in power was simply too great for him to overcome. Furthermore, this was the case even after Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea received a considerable boost– all this served to prove the power of the Star Crown martial soul.

While Ma Xiaotao was being held back by Huang Heyun and Yi Chen, the battle had simultaneously begun on the other side of the arena.

Dai Yueheng was faced with a tall, lanky youth. His martial soul was a lion – the Netherworld Crazed Lion. He was the second-ranked assault-type Soul King from the Star Luo camp, and his name was Dugu Shangshan.

The Netherworld Crazed Lion martial soul gave Dai Yueheng a hard time as it made him unable to fully unleash his strength. Once the Netherworld Crazed Lion was attached to his body, Dugu Shangshan let off an illusory feeling. While Dai Yueheng’s White Tiger martial soul was powerful, his forte was physical assault. Faced with an opponent that was hard to hit with physical attacks, much of his strength was being negated. With the support of the Starglory Spell, Dugu Shangshan was able to hold off Dai Yueheng.

It would have been a lot easier for Dai Yueheng if he was against just the Netherworld Crazed Lion Soul King; he would even probably win if he put in a little more effort. The problem was that there was another control-type battle Soul King behind him – the person that represented Wind in the Windfire Duo.

Just as Dai Yueheng unleashed his White Tiger’s Vajra Transformation, he felt his body suddenly freeze in place as a green circle of light rose up from beneath his feet. The green circle of light instantly transformed into a miniature tornado that trapped him within. Even though it didn’t knock him off his feet and throw him around, his subsequent assault was countered just like that.

The two Soul Emperors were the most powerful strike force on the Shrek Academy’s team, but they were forcibly held back by the combined efforts of four Soul Kings from the Star Luo National Academy with the support of the Starglory Spell.

Bei Bei was also being obstructed. The opponent he was facing was an agility-type Soul King whose speed was something that Bei Bei had never encountered before.

He hadn’t been able to see his opponent clearly since the beginning of the battle. If Ma Xiaotao hadn’t been so close, his opponent wouldn’t have dared to defend against the attack. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao wasn’t able to properly utilize his Spiritual Detection Sharing. If Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection was directed towards him, he would probably be in deep trouble.

In the eyes of the audience, Bei Bei appeared to be surrounded by a bolt of lightning that flickered incessantly. This bolt of lightning was yellow, which was in stark contrast to bluish-purple lighting on his body. Every time the yellow bolt of lightning charged over, it erupted with a ferocious assault. Bei Bei seemed a little hard-pressed as he tried his best to defend. Bei Bei was only able to barely hold on with the Blue Tyrant Lightning Dragon’s immense power.

His opponent was the only agility-type soul master in the Star Lou National Academy’s team. His name was Chen Xiaojie who possessed the Lightning Warfalcon martial soul. When Wang Yan was evaluating this Soul King, he had described him with just a few words – tough and annoying to handle.

Not only was the Lightning Warfalcon extremely fast, it also possessed powerful offensive capabilities. A lapse in concentration was simply not allowed when engaging this fellow in battle. Bei Bei already had more than ten wounds on his body by this time. Even though they weren’t serious, the wounds continually weakened his fighting strength.

Princess Jiu Jiu’s eyes did not linger at the battle occurring before her. Instead, her eyes were directed at the thick white mist that was swiftly rolling towards them.

The current situation was that the Star Luo National Academy used five people to hold back three assault-type soul masters from Shrek Academy’s lineup. In reality, they weren’t really at a disadvantage, as one could say that Ma Xiaotao, Dai Yueheng and Bei Bei made up seventy percent of Shrek Academy’s fighting strength.

Both parties had yet to give their all as the battle continued to unfold. The most frightening aspect of group battles was the sudden appearance of harmonious teamwork. With such team fights, either party would be able to tip the scale and emerge victorious with a single eruption of explosive power.

Princess Jiu Jiu squinted her eyes a little as she gradually pointed her right hand into the sky. A single golden speck of light sparkled on her fingertip as the brilliance of the Star Crown above her head flickered once more. This time, a streak of golden light shot up into the sky. However, this wasn’t the same light pillar as before but a thin golden thread. Her first soul ring sparkled on while she continued to maintain her third soul ring, which powered the Starglory Spell.

The ray of golden light paused as it approached the protective dome around the competition stage. Immediately afterwards, a single brilliant star appeared above Princess Jiu Jiu’s head. This star wasn’t big, but it exuded a vigorous radiance.

Princess Jiu Jiu closed her eyes momentarily as she pointed towards the rolling Icemist. The patch of starlight transformed into uncountable rays of light in the next moment as they surged towards the patch of Icemist.

Surprisingly, these thin streaks of light weren’t impeded by the Icemist at all. They entered it with extreme ease, as they were just pure rays of light, without a trace of offensive power.

The threads of light glimmered as a vast majority of them vanished into thin air. Only four streaks of light remained as they guided Princess Jiu Jiu like a bridge. These four rays of light shimmered within the Icemist while they phased in and out of sight.

This was the Starguiding Technique, her first soul skill. She successfully located her four opponents hidden within the Icemist with the help of the star’s guidance.

Within the Icemist, the four people maintained their positions. The only difference was that they were closer to the center of the competition stage than before. The patch of Icemist continued to close in from both ends towards the center of the stage as well.

Ma Xiaotao released a shrill phoenix cry into the sky as her blazing wings forcefully flapped downwards, and a streak of red light surged into the sky. The pillar of red light was took the form of a fiery phoenix as scorching phoenix flames erupted. The control spell that Yi Chen directed towards her was immediately broken as the Darkdemon Tiger Soul King, Huang Heyun, was forcibly pushed away.

The dense Icemist riled up at this point and lunged towards the center like a tsunami. A single ray of black light flickered within, and it was targeted straight at Princess Jiu Jiu. Xu Sanshi who had been holding back the Mysterious Netherworld Displacement for a long time, finally unleashed it. Even though he knew that it was almost impossible for him to succeed, he still had to use it. The purpose of this move was just to occupy the the princess’ attention.

Dai Yueheng unleashed his White Tiger’s Devilgod Transformation in an instant, and pounced towards his opponent. On the other side, Bei Bei exploded with innumerable streaks of lightning and forced back the Lightning Warfalcon Soul King. Besides Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, almost every member from Shrek Academy was erupting all around.

However, just at this moment, a faint smile appeared on Princess Jiu Jiu’s face. It felt as if she had been waiting for this the whole time, as if she had been looking forward to this moment since the very beginning.

She suddenly tossed out a sphere of golden light from her hands. It wasn’t a soul skill. The golden light flashed once before smashing against Ma Xiaotao’s frightening phoenix flames that were soaring into the air.

The strangest of scenes happened. A layer of golden light descended from the sky and enveloped Ma Xiaotao’s sixth soul skill, the Phoenix Meteor Shower, which had already been unleashed. It crashed downwards with lightning speed as it applied pressure on Ma Xiaotao herself – her most powerful soul skill was negated just like that.

Ma Xiaotao felt a stifling pressing weigh down on her from the sky. She wanted to dodge, but the patch of golden light bore down on her in an instant, and trapped her within.

There was a single sphere with a hundred and eight cross-sectional areas that sparkled with brilliant light above the layer of golden light. This sphere was about the size of a fist, and spiraled with intense speed as it flickered with blinding light. Ma Xiaotao, who was trapped inside, immediately launched a hysterical assault against the layer of light, but was only able to create ripples along its surface. Her efforts proved futile.

This sudden change shocked the entire team from Shrek Academy. They had chose to explode with the tactic that Wang Yan called the Dual Sky Of Ice And Fire. The Icemist unleashed by Huo Yuhao and Ling Luochen provided all-round control and pressure, but the move that would have claimed victory for them was Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Meteor Shower! Who would have thought that Ma Xiaotao would be so easily locked down by their opponents?

He Caitou stood up abruptly below the competition stage. Intense disbelief filled his eyes as he said, “That… That’s an absolute defense soul tool! How can that be? That Absolute Defense Barrier soul tool is at least Class 7! They actually have a Class 7 soul tool! The Absolute Defense Barrier can only be used once, but its value…”

Wang Yan’s eyes were wide open as he reacted with an equal amount of surprise. He asked hurriedly, “What is the Absolute Defense Barrier?”

He Caitou answered, “It’s similar to the Invincible Barrier. Once it’s deployed, anybody under the Absolute Defense Barrier’s seal will have to face the protection of a defense-type soul master similar to the power of a stage 8 Soul Douluo for fifteen minutes. However, this is a special soul tool that also works in reverse. The Absolute Defense Barrier has the same effects internally and externally. Even if one wants to forcibly break out of the pearl, one has to be at least a Class 7 Soul Sage. This soul tool can only be manufactured by the Sun Moon Empire, and its formation arrays are extremely mysterious. It’s impossible for us to produce anything similar. To think it would appear in this competition! It’s been said that the Absolute Defense Barrier is worth several million gold soul coins. Having this item during a dangerous moments is equivalent to having another life! This is so much more powerful than the Invincible Barrier, which is only effective for three seconds. Fifteen minutes is enough to accomplish many things. ”

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