Chapter 106.2: The Eye of Life

Book 13: Life Gold

Chapter 106.2: The Eye of Life

He refocused his eyes, and noticed a single pearl drifting on the surface of the azure lake – it could also be said to be the Sun of the spiritual sea.

This pearl was also jade-green in color. It was totally transparent, crystal-like and radiated a gente light, much like that of the Soul-Devouring Carving Knife. It changed when Huo Yuhao cast his gaze upon it, transforming into an eye that gradually opened and looked back at Yuhao with a tender gaze.

Lights flickered as Huo Yuhao discovered, to his intense shock, that he suddenly had a body. His spiritual power created a figure that was identical to himself in the blink of an eye, and he was just standing there by the lake.

It wasn’t just him. The plump and robust white bug, the Skydream Iceworm, and the enchantingly beautiful Ice Jade Empress Scorpion appeared beside him as well.

“This… What’s all this? What just happened?” Huo Yuhao was clueless about everything before his eyes. However, there was a feeling tingling at the bottom of his heart that told him he was in control of everything here. This kind of change that he had never experienced before gave him a strange and incomprehensible sensation.

The giant eye in midair stared at him, and Electrolux’s decrepit voice rang out, “This are the effects of the Life Gold. Don’t worry, for I will explain everything to you slowly.”

“Let’s talk about what Life Gold is. Life is as the name suggests. All beings have life, and can called living beings. It’s the same whether it was me in the olden days or you guys. Every living being is separated by intelligence, and the original force of all living beings is life energy, or vitality.”

“Life Gold is the material representation of life energy. Put more simply, it’s the product of condensing copious amounts of life energy, and a treasure of the world that only can come about after many years of gestation and incubation. I was not originally from your world, but from another parallel dimension – however, Life Gold shares the same existence no matter which world you’re in. The vast amounts of life energy contained within Life Gold are extremely beneficial to any living being. Every living being represents a life, but every piece of Life Gold represents an entire world.”

Huo Yuhao became more perplexed as he listened on, and a look of confusion came over his eyes. He still didn’t really understand the existence of this Life Gold.

At this moment, the Skydream Iceworm asked, “Old man, you still haven’t mentioned how Life Gold came about. And what does it mean by gestating copious amounts of life energy over many years? Don’t make it so abstract and get to the point.”

Electrolux replied plainly, “It’s easy to be direct. Even though your origins are nothing impressive, it’s a rare sight for someone like you to live for so long, and you’ve been alive for a million years. Put simply, the sum of your million years of age is about the size of a teardrop of Life Gold.”

“You can’t be serious!” The Skydream Iceworm and the Ice Empress exclaimed at the same time. Even though the Ice Empress didn’t think too highly of the Skydream Iceworm, she knew that she was ultimately inferior to him in terms of life energy, as the Skydream Iceworm had been alive for over a million years.

Electrolux continued, “This is already holding him in high regard. You guys have to know that Life Gold exists initially in a gaseous form, and following the passage of time, gradually transforms into a liquid – much like the one Huo Yuhao has obtained, except it had already become a solid. You guys will understand as I explain. Big bug, do you remember the forest in which we fused together with Huo Yuhao?”

The Skydream Iceworm muttered through his teeth, “Of course. The Great Star Dou Forest. I was tortured by those bastards in that cursed place!”

Electrolux said, “That forest is host to a plentitude of lives. When my divine sense descended, I could feel the intense vigor and vitality of the giant forest. If we used that to measure Life Gold, forming a lump of solid Life Gold about the size of a carving knife would require about twenty thousand years – and that is already under the assumption that nothing is damaged or interrupted. Furthermore, you guys need to understand that the formation of Life Gold requires a great many objective conditions. For example, for the forest to produce a piece of Life Gold, there has to be a place inside that is dense and concentrated with life energy.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “I think I roughly understand. You’re trying to say that this carving knife was made entirely from Life Gold.”

Electrolux replied, “Yes, that is correct. Life energy is beneficial to any force of existence; evil beings can also enjoy the benefits of vast amounts of life energy. My divine sense is too dilapidated – therefore, I had no choice but to take the majority of its power when we obtained this piece of Life Gold. I used its power as the foundation to open a third eye for you, which is the same one you saw with your consciousness. My consciousness is contained within this third eye. Under the nourishment of this Life Gold, I don’t think my divine sense will ever run the risk of dissipating anymore.”

“With the nourishment from this enormous pool of life energy, my divine sense will be healed continuously, and I will also be able to manipulate some of its power. You’re too weak at the moment – when you’re stronger, I will give you a choice, and you can decide whether you want to inherit my powers.”

“I can still remember three different powers from the remnants of my broken memory. Two of them were passed down to the people from my original plane, but my last inheritance – also my highest one – is still being withheld. When you reach the fifth ring, you should have the ability to attempt this inheritance. Of course, you have to be willing.”

The Skydream Iceworm snorted and said, “So you are taking the lion’s share of the benefits of this whatever Life Gold?”

Electrolux couldn’t help but laugh and answered, “Are you blind, you bug? I have even transformed his spiritual sea into such a beautiful place. I dare say that there will never be such a beautiful spiritual sea inside this plane ever again. I have just said that every single piece of Life Gold is an entire world, and I used the power of this Life Gold to seal its original life energy into this spiritual sea. After today, the growth of Yuhao’s spiritual power will be at least three times faster than before, and his spiritual sea will be as good as eternal. Even his physical body has been influenced by this Life Gold – whatever his injury is, as long as his mind is still functional, it will regenerate on its own. It won’t be so easy for him to die anymore.”

“You have to remember a few things, Yuhao. Firstly, that carving knife hasn’t disappeared. Your third eye, and also the Eye Of Life that I just spoke of, is its current metaphysical existence. When you’re in need, you just have to focus your consciousness into the Eye of Life, and you will be bestowed with the power of the carving knife. However, this carving knife will possess certain qualities of the Life Gold and a portion of my own qualities as well. You’ll have to try it out to know exactly what those are.”

“Secondly, my existence from now on can be counted as one of your martial souls – a very special martial soul. However, this martial soul cannot be fused with soul rings. You have to be clear that my strength comes from you, only my control is probably superior to yours. The most I can give you is intelligence and wisdom – therefore, you can’t have too high hopes of me.”

“Thirdly, I hope you will shut yourself in for a while after you’ve finished with the things you have at hand. You should attempt to experience and understand the profundities this Life Gold has brought to you, and truly integrate with the life energy inside of you. You have to allow it to become a part of you like your finger or your arm, and this will be extremely beneficial for your future development.”

“Lastly, following the transformations made by the Life Gold, both the strength and flexibility of your body has been greatly improved – do make use of that. Oh, and you have to try your best to control it however you can. Your spiritual sea can now contain a greater volume of spiritual power. However, no matter how powerful your spiritual powers are, it’s all wasted if you don’t know how to control them. This is also one of the reasons why I wish for you to shut yourself in to cultivate and meditate in silence.”

“Alright, that’s all I have to say. I have to integrate with the Eye of Life as soon as possible. You will also regain command of your consciousness very soon. After this episode, your consciousness, your body and your spiritual sea will be flawlessly integrated. It will be very difficult for us to take over your bodies after this – all we can do is help you in your growth.”

The eye closed, and Electrolux’s aura swiftly vanished. In the next moment, Huo Yuhao felt his world spinning like a top around him, and he fell into a daze. When he opened his eyes in the next moment, he was back on his bed.

He first action was to reach up to touch his forehead subconsciously. What caught him off guard was that his forehead was smooth – where was the third eye?

Perhaps all this was due to the unbearable intensity of pain that he had just experienced, but his mind ended up in a trance – could everything that had just happened be nothing but a hallucination?

He tossed his head from side to side as he attempted to reorient himself before he focused and looked inwards once again.

It wasn’t a hallucination after all. At this point, his spiritual power enabled him to see every corner of his body when he looked inwards, to the point where he could see the circulation of the pure white color of the Mysterious Heaven Technique’s soul power. Every detail within his body fell into his perception – the life energy that belonged to the piece of Life Gold was currently being fully absorbed by his body.

Huo Yuhao stood up and stretched a little. He immediately discovered, to his amazement, that every single joint in his body felt incredibly flexible. He turned his head, and found that his neck could almost rotate a full hundred and eighty degrees. He lifted his right leg backwards; it didn’t take much effort at all to touch his head.

What stunned him the most was the circumstance of the Mysterious Heaven Technique’s circulation. He no longer needed to engage in meditation – its circulation had practically become a part of his breathing process, and followed the huff and puff of his every breath. The Mysterious Heaven Technique was actually following the paths of cultivation and circulating automatically. His own blood essence was flowing vigorously, and was integrated impeccably with his soul power, as if they were being boosted with every second that passed.

Huo Yuhao watched the rays of sunlight coming in through the window. He immediately felt as if his mood was overcome with an incredible sensation of optimism and cheerfulness, as if his entire being was immersed and integrated with nature.

The Life Gold was so powerful! His body seemed to have risen to another level under its effects.

He concentrated on his spiritual sea. Everything that he saw before was still there – the serene Lake of Life, the dense essence of life energy, and the Pearl of Life hovering in the sky could all be seen with great clarity.

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