Chapter 103.3: Complete Suppression

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 103.3: Complete Suppression

Qing Feng’s Earthen Wave still managed to achieve a certain effect. However, it was a pity that he had met Xu Sanshi, who possessed the strongest defense among soul ancestors.

Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle, Shield Wall. The Earthen Wave was blocked out by Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement, and did not fulfil the desired effect of coming to Gu Zhujian’s aid.

Meanwhile, Gu Zhujian had managed to hang on for 3 seconds with the help of his Invincible Barrier, and he also unleashed his 5th soul skill.

The Purplebrilliant Bamboo was around 3 meters in length, and shone with a purple glow. There were subtle streaks and patterns of golden light on it. Gu Zhujian utilized the protection of the Invincible Barrier, and stabbed his Purplebrilliant Bamboo into the ground before him. He released this 5th soul skill the instant his Invincible Barrier went down.

His purpose was very simple: He was looking for an opportunity to escape.

It was a pity that he was up against 5 people from Shrek Academy!

A form-fitting Ice Prison engulfed Gu Zhujian precisely at the moment his Invincible Barrier disappeared. Furthermore, this Ice Prison was entirely flawless.

Hence, Gu Zhujian’s 5th soul skill that he had prepared for so long collided intensely with the Ice Prison.

The Ice Prison was Ling Luochen’s 3rd soul skill. Furthermore, it was only a thousand year soul skill. With her cultivation as a soul king that was similar to Gu Zhujian’s, she should logically be unable to resist Gu Zhujian’s attack.

However, Ling Luochen was not the only person fighting! Under the combined injection of Haodong Power by Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, they increased her ice element to the level of ultimate ice, and even added a streak of Wang Dong’s light aura. Hence, the Ice Prison became nearly indestructible.

Everyone could only see the Ice Prison turn purple. After tiny cracks started to appear, the purple color turned dim.

The Ice Prison was cracked open as Ling Luochen retracted her own soul skill. Following that, before Gu Zhujian had a chance to catch his breath, he was faced with an attack from Dai Yueheng, who had used all three of his 3 strengthening skills, the White Tiger’s Shield, White Tiger’s Vajra Transformation and White Tiger’s Devilgod Transformation.

Therefore, the remaining process could only be described by the word ‘devastation’. A devastation caused by a soul emperor attacking a soul king.

The fight was ending much faster than everyone had expected. Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Meteor Shower did not fall in the end, as the referee stopped her soul skill. Shrek Academy’s complete suppression of the Dou Ling team helped them attain victory in this team competition.

Gu Zhujian was the most pathetic. As they still had an individual competition the day after tomorrow, the refereehad stopped Ma Xiaotao. But the sly Dai Yueheng did not go easy on Gu Zhujian; his attack had crushed his limbs. Of course, he could recover, but not within such a short period of time.

When the referee rushed over to pull Gu Zhujian out, he seemed to imply the ruthlessness of Shrek Academy’s members with his look.

Dai Yueheng claimed innocence, as if he wasn’t the one who laid that heavy blow on Gu Zhujian. Gu Zhujian was already very fortunate that Dai Yueheng did not break his ‘5th limb’!

Ma Xiaotao had been restraining herself greatly, and so did he. This was also due to the fact that he had greatly suppressed the violent instincts within him.

The members of the Dou Ling team appeared very furious as they looked at those from Shrek Academy.

Ma Xiaotao snapped at them, “What are all of you looking at? Would you have held back if you were in our position?”

Out of humanitarianism, Dai Yueheng had knocked Gu Zhujian out first before breaking his limbs. Thus, the leadership of the Dou Ling team passed to Xiao Feng, who was their vice team leader.

Xiao Feng lifted his hands to stop his team members, who wanted to dash forward, and said to Ma Xiaotao in a low voice, “How did you see through our illusory world? Don’t tell me that was luck.”

Ma Xiaotao pursed her lips. “Can’t I be gifted? If you want to take revenge, we’ll meet at the individual competition.” As she spoke, she gestured and led the members of Shrek Academy down from the competition stage with the flair of a female mob boss.

How did she see past their illusory world? Was there even a need to ask? With the spiritual detection sharing that could completely suppress their opponents, did she still need to see?

While they might have seemed to win this round of the competition easily, they had actually exerted perfect control of time every time they had struck, and that was all because of Huo Yuhao.

Rather than saying Ling Luochen was the main control-type soul master, it was better to claim that Huo Yuhao was the main control-type soul master instead. It’s just that no one else knew. Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yueheng’s limelight masked the rest.

“This is Shrek. This is Shrek at its best. However, the Dou Ling team wasn’t bad either. It’s a pity that they met the wrong opponent.” The Star Luo Emperor commented.

Sun Moon Empire Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

It was rare that Xiao Hongchen did not show his arrogant side. One had to wonder whether he had been provoked by Wang Dong. He stood beside Ma Rulong and said softly, “Team leader, what did you see? The Dou Ling team was not simple! They were only unfortunate.”

Ma Rulong nodded his head slightly. “No wonder they forsook first place. It’s because they had such a plan. If I’m not wrong, they must have planned to group together and release the large version of the Gigantic Lightning Cannon. The question is, how did they get the blueprint to build a Gigantic Lightning Cannon?”

Xiao Hongchen creased her brows and said in a low voice, “If I’m not wrong, their Gigant Lightning Cannon must be a replica of our Illustrious Virtue Hall’s model. It’s just that they can’t replicate the craftsmanship of our Gigant Lightning Cannon, thus they enlarged it. This makes it easier to produce the cannon, which requires 7 of them to operate too.”

Ma Rulong nodded and said, “This must be the case. It seems like that the Dou Ling Empire has made significant improvements in the production of soul tools. But they must not have expected to meet Shrek Academy so early on, and their strategy was curbed. If it were some other team, their defense would not have collapsed so quickly. 5 of them had the protection of Invincible Barriers. Along with their combined defense and illusory world, it can only be attributed to luck that they lost, and not because of a lack of abilities.”

Xiao Hongchen was a little irritated as he said, “Shrek Academy is a little too lucky. They can only use such a strategy once, and they used it on their most suitable opponent. Otherwise, they would be unable to resist the powerful offensive strength of a Class 7 soul tool even with two soul emperors.”

Ma Rulong smiled and said, “This is not a bad thing either. At least we can see the full prowess of Shrek Academy, right?”

Xiao Hongchen nodded his head and replied, “Yes.”

Ma Rulong twisted his head to look at him and said seriously, “Xiao, you are indeed more talented than me. In our empire, probably no one can match up to you. However, you are too short-tempered because of your talent. If you don’t change, you will not have it well in the future.”

Xiao Hongchen was stunned for a moment, “Team leader, I…”

Ma Rulong lifted his hand to stop him from speaking any further. “I hope that you become powerful for the empire, Illustrious Virtue Hall and our academy. I don’t want you to disappoint those who have high hopes and have sacrificed unselfishly for you. You’re almost 15 too. It’s time to grow up.”

Xiao Hongchen looked a little unhappy, but he didn’t argue against Ma Rulong. He slowly walked back to his position and sat down. He seemed to be thinking of something.

It’s not only the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy that had keen eyes. Wang Yan and the rest who were watching the competition were also shocked.

When Gu Zhujian was switched over, and was holding the mysterious slab of metal, he had already known what their opponents’ strategy was. It was no longer just a scheme. It was very easy for everyone to see what they were doing. Even if he knew what they were going to do, he couldn’t do anything about it either.

All 5 soul kings had been equipped with Invincible Barriers, and they had also had sufficiently strong defense-type soul skills. All this had been prepared beforehand, and not targeted towards Shrek Academy. It could even be said to have been prepared for the finale of this tournament. Such a brand-new strategy had been sparked from the powerful soul tools they had at their disposal.

On the way back to the Grand Star Imperial Hotel, Dai Yueheng said, “I shall go first in the individual round the day after tomorrow.”

Ma Xiaotao stared at him before saying, “What right do you have to go first?”

Dai Yueheng smiled and replied, “Because I hurt their team leader today. If they see me again, their emotions will be unstable. It’s best if I go first.”

Ma Xiaotao snorted and said, “Against an absolute power, what’s the use of such little schemes and tricks?”

Wang Yan opened his mouth suddenly and said, “Xiaotao, let’s talk back at the hotel.”

Ma Xiaotao brow creased, but didn't make a sound.

Very soon, everyone returned to the hotel. Wang Yan instructed the rest to cultivate and rest back in their rooms, while he brought Ma Xiaotao into the meeting room.

After closing the door, Wang Yan did not rush to say anything. He poured a glass of water for Ma Xiaotao first.

Looking at the glass of water in front of her, Ma Xiaotao lifted her head to look at Wang Yan and said, “Teacher Wang, I know what you’re going to say. Is it that I didn’t follow your strategy today in the competition? The result would have been the same no matter whether it was Yueheng or I that changed over.”

Wang Yan sat opposite Ma Xiaotao and looked at her calmly.

“Xiaotao, you are the team leader of Team Shrek in this tournament, right?”

“Of course.” Ma Xiaotao said subconsciously.

Wang Yan said, “Then let me ask you, what’s your greatest responsibility as the team leader? Are you supposed to vent your emotions, or are you supposed to be working towards being the championship by leading your team with all your might?”

Ma Xiaotao was in a daze. She was a clever person. Although she was normally a short-tempered person, she was an intelligent person. She could tell what Wang Yan was implying.

Wang Yan gazed at her deeply, and said in a low voice, “Of the 10 people who came here, Bei Bei's the one most suited to be the team leader, not you. Even Dai Yueheng is a stronger leader than you. In fact, I think that Huo Yuhao is even more suitable to be the team's leader than you are.”

“You!” Ma Xiaotao stared furiously at Wang Yan.

Wang Yan’s eyes were filled with relentlessness, “Are you feeling indignant? Then, tell me, what have you been doing in this tournament? You were injured and couldn’t participate, but no one is blaming you. However, what have you done in this competition since you’ve recovered?”

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