Chapter 103.1: Complete Suppression

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 103.1: Complete Suppression

The Dou Ling team’s defense-type soul master, Chi Hengyu, released his gigantic Vajra Shield. From the looks of it, this Vajra Shield seemed to be more eye-catching than Xu Sanshi’s Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle.

The upper part of the Vajra Shield was rectangular in shape, while the bottom part was triangular. The shield was over 2 meters tall, and around 1.5 meters wide. For such a giant shield, even Chi Hengyu had to bend his burly body to lift it off the ground.

After the Vajra Shield was released, Chi Hengyu’s first action was to hardily stab the shield into the ground. Following that, his 5th soul ring lit up, and an intense white light flashed within the purple glow emanated by his 5th soul ring. The shield expanded from its already enormous size, doubling in number from 1 to 2, 2 to 4 and then 4 to 8. Almost instantaneously, it turned into a huge shield wall that blocked everything in front of it. Every face of this expanded shield was covered by a blinding white light. The tough feeling it gave off was superior to Xu Sanshi’s shield.

This was Chi Hengyu’s 5th soul skill, the Vajra Shield. It was a defense-type soul skill that was extremely strong and resilient.

At the same time, it wasn’t only him that made a move. The control-type soul ancestor called Qing Feng and the auxiliary-type soul ancestor called Tang Niuniu both attacked too.

Tang Niuniu was extremely small in size. As her body swayed, her ears grew and twitched in a very cute manner, and her body became a little fatter. As her round lips clasped together, her 3rd soul ring lit up. A streak of straight green light shone on Qing Feng’s body. Her martial soul was a pure auxiliary-type martial soul, a raccoon.

Qing Feng’s 4th soul ring lit up. A layer of dirt-yellow radiance shone from beneath his legs. Soon after that, the entire competition stage started to shake tremendously. Following a loud, rumbling noise, a huge dirt wall swept in the direction of the 7 participants from Shrek Academy like a wave. That wasn’t all; thorns appeared on Chi Hengyu’s Vajra Shield, pointing outwards. Along with the help of the dirt wall, Chi Hengyu’s defense was like a metal wall.

Huo Yuhao and the others had experienced a similar situation in the tournament before. Back then, they had been pitted against the Thousand Spirits Advanced Soul Academy. Their opponents had used 4 Spirit Rhinoceros Shields as their defense. Shen Ce had been supported by Fei Yuyan as they mounted an attack. However, they had been unsuccessful against Huo Yuhao’s spiritual detection.

But right now, the Dou Ling team looked starkly different from the Thousand Spirits Advanced Soul Academy. Furthermore, they had not used such a strategy in the tournament yet, according to Wang Yan.

Of course, the defensive power of the Dou Ling team right now was far superior to the Thousand Spirit Advanced Soul Academy back then. The strong defensive line that they had left even the referee in awe, and he nodded slightly.

However, his nodding suddenly stopped. That was because the situation had suddenly changed.

The Dou Ling team had displayed such a formation right from the start. Their intentions were very obvious. They must possess some form of powerful, special offensive abilities that they needed to time to prepare. After that, they would tap into this offensive power to complete what they wanted to do. As for what this offensive ability was, no one knew as of now. But it was clear that this strategy had been prepared for Shrek Academy.

However, as the top academy on the continent, would Shrek Academy not do anything? Of course not. While their opponents had their strategy, they had their own strategy too.

On Shrek Academy's side, someone had released their soul skill while their opponents had been busy mounting their defense. It was neither Ma Xiaotao nor Dai Yueheng, the 2 soul emperors with the highest cultivation, nor was it Ling Luochen. Instead, it was Xu Sanshi. Just as the opponent was erecting their turtle shell formation, Ma Xiaotao shouted “action” over at her teammates from Shrek Academy.

Their original formation experienced rapid changes. Out of the 7 of them, 6 of them burst out and formed a circular formation, while Xu Sanshi stepped into the center of this new formation, and his 4th soul ring lit up with blinding radiance.

This change in Shrek Academy’s formation was one beat slower than that of the Dou Ling team. When Xu Sanshi unleashed his soul skill, their opponents were more or less done mounting their defense. This was also the point when the referee nodded his head.

But at this point, the situation experienced an earth-shattering change.

What was Xu Sanshi’s 4th soul skill? Mysterious Underworld Displacement. While it seemed ordinary, it could be considered a divine skill for a defense-type soul master in a team battle. Furthermore, this was coupled with Huo Yuhao’s spiritual detection sharing.

With Huo Yuhao around, there was no fear that a target couldn’t be found. Just sensing them was enough. There’s no need for Xu Sanshi to even use his eyes.

Hence, the confused and shocked team leader of the Dou Ling team, Gu Zhujian, instantly switched positions with Xu Sanshi. He appeared in the middle of Shrek Academy’s formation, surrounded by the other 6.

“Damn it…” Gu Zhujian cursed, wide-eyed. Although he realized what had happened, his mood was still extremely unpleasant.

He seemed a little weird at this point. In both his hands, he held a metal circle that seemed like a millstone.

There were many holes on the surface of this metal millstone, and it was even carved with many magnificent, flowery patterns. There was concentrated lightning shining from it, and he was even down on one knee, as if he were presenting this slab of metal.

Bei Bei smiled and asked, “What is he giving us? Thanks!” As he said this, he slapped his Thunderous Dragon Claw down.

Dai Yueheng’s 2nd soul skill, the White Tiger’s Fierce Light Wave, and Ma Xiaotao’s 1st soul skill, the Phoenix Fireline, were also unleashed at the same time. 3 assault-type soul masters all teamed up against one member of the opposing team. Among the 3 of them, there were even 2 soul emperors, whereas their opponent looked to be entirely unprepared.

This was Wang Yan’s strategy. In reality, this strategy had been targeted towards Justsky Academy. However, they were fortunate not to have gotten involved in a team battle. Otherwise, Shrek Academy would have used this method to defeat Ye Wuqing, their team leader. While Ye Wuqing was very powerful, the ramifications of what would happen if he had to face the encirclement of an entire team under such a sudden change were clear!

In addition, the 3 assault-type soul masters were even supported by a control-type soul king. The staff in Ling Luochen’s hand pointed out, and Gu Zhujian’s legs were frozen on the spot.

If one phrase had to be used to describe Gu Zhujian’s feelings now, it was grief and fury. In his mind, he thought that he was the most sorrowful leader in this entire tournament.

However, Gu Zhujian was not easy to deal with as the team leader of a team that had finished in the last 4 in the previous tournament. Facing the encirclement of Shrek Academy, a ball of golden light flashed in front of his chest. A coat of golden light covered his entire body.

The soul skill that Ling Luochen had used to freeze his legs started to take effect. However, the soul skills of the rest were being blocked outside of the golden light.

Huo Yuhao roared immediately, “Invincible Barrier, a soul tool that can only be used once.

He’s a soul king. Thus, this shield can only survive for 3 seconds.”

Soul tools that could only be used once usually had rather exceptional powers, and this Invincible Barrier was no exception. With these 3 seconds, Gu Zhujian could keep the huge slab of mysterious metal and unleash his martial soul. His 5th ten thousand year soul ring flashed with a light that tried to get him out of Shrek Academy’s blockade.

On the other side, Xu Sanshi had already switched positions. Gu Zhujian had originally been standing at the center, at the back of the formation. However, all of his team members had been facing him. There were different slabs of metal of different shapes in all of their hands. Initially, they had been aimed at Gu Zhujian. But now, they were aimed at Xu Sanshi.

Xu Sanshi was not as unprepared as Gu Zhujian. The moment after the Mysterious Underworld Displacement was used, he released another soul skill. It was his 1st soul skill, the Mysterious Underworld Quake.

The Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle was smashed hard into the ground. A black glow instantly emanated from his shield and covered tens of square meters. It was like a canopy that stretched out. During this process, a loud, rumbling noise also followed. At this point, everyone from the Dou Ling team gathered within this area and were all affected. This was too sudden of an attack for them. As they were not prepared, they were jerked out of their senses.

Xu Sanshi grinned, and the black glow shone again. The Mysterious Underworld Displacement was summoned again. In the next instant, Ma Xiaotao, who unleashed burning flames from her body, replaced him. She appeared at the center of the Dou Ling team.

This series of changes was very dazzling. But the spectators who could see everything clearly also felt the same. Completely suppressed.

Right now, the Dou Ling team was at an absolute disadvantage. And what had caused this was not their powers, but the limitations of their strategy.

Without a doubt, this strategy from Shrek Academy could only achieve such an effect the first time it was used. Although no one knew what the Dou Ling team had been trying to form earlier, it was bound to be very powerful. Their initial plan had been to use their defenses to keep Shrek Academy out. On top of their powerful defensive soul skills, they would add the powers of 5 soul kings. As long as they could hold on until the mysterious metal item they had produced did its job, they should have been able to win this match.

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