Chapter 101.2: The Embryo Of A Hundred Thousand Year Soul Beast

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 101.2: The Embryo Of A Hundred Thousand Year Soul Beast

If they had thought that Princess Jiu Jiu was exaggerating when she described that auction item, their mindset changed immediately at this moment. If what Princess Jiu Jiu said was true, then this hundred thousand year soul beast was indeed a priceless treasure!

“Is it really possible?” Huo Yuhao asked the Skydream Iceworm and the Ice Empress.

The Ice Empress said nothing, but she felt as if she was about to blow up any moment. The Skydream Iceworm did not try to provoke her this time, but instead tried to calm the Ice Empress down.

“It is really possible. Unbelievably, you humans managed to catch the embryo of a hundred thousand year soul beast that was about to turn into a human. All I can say that the luck required for something is like this is incredible. Furthermore, the person who caught his embryo probably prepared for it for quite some time. When a soul beast tries to turn into a human, it will be at its weakest. One has to be extremely careful. For the captor to remain undetected means that he had some powerful concealment ability. If the embryo could be forcibly fused, it may become a martial soul. However, it will not cooperate as seamlessly as you and I. If it were to become a martial soul, the embryo of the soul beast would still preserve a bit of its consciousness. Think about it; will it be willing to be fused? While it may not necessarily create problems, it is surely not a good thing.”

Huo Yuhao nodded his head and sighed in his heart. He had no chance of obtaining this item. Including Electrolux, he had three martial souls already. Furthermore, as he looked at the stream of gas that was actually the embryo of a soul beast, he could not make himself want it.

When humans killed mature soul beasts, it was survival of the fittest. When humans won, they would obtain soul rings. When they were killed, humans would become food for the soul beasts. However, no one would pick on the younger humans and soul beasts. It was as if the two sides had come to a tacit agreement that harming a youngling was something shameful.

Princess Jiu Jiu was not yet finished with her introduction. She smiled and continued, “Honored guests, please don’t worry excessively. If one fails at fusing with it, then the soul beast will surely die. At that time, the soul ring and the soul bone will naturally appear. I want to remind all guests that whoever wishes to try fusing with it must possess the power of an Soul Douluo. If not, when the beast dies upon failure and produces its hundred thousand year soul ring and soul bone, you will not be able to absorb it because you won’t be strong enough. Optimally, one must be an Soul Douluo. Then, regardless of whether you succeed or fail, no problem will arise.”

“Of course, if you are not powerful, it’s fine too. The Godsealing Altar is powerful enough to seal time and space. With it, as long as one does not open it with some special spell, the hundred thousand year soul beast will still be inside. Even after a thousand years, or even ten thousand years, it will not be damaged. However, this creates a problem unto itself too. Whoever buys the hundred thousand year soul beast must also buy this Class 9 soul tool, as it is necessary to preserve this embryo.”

“Now, we will give our honored guests 30 minutes to rest and admire this object. After 30 minutes, we will start this auction. Here, we allow our guests to obtain some cash by offering collateral. We will assess each object offered thus objectively, but we will take a 20% commission fee for each exchange. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as this object is unprecedented in history. With it, one’s power will surely increase immensely. Don’t miss this chance.”

The Godsealing Altar in the image was blown up many times, and the ball of faint, golden light became clearer. If one looked at it carefully, one would see that the ball of gas within the Godsealing Altar looked like a human baby.

Wang Yan arched his eyebrows tightly as he sat on the sofa. This treasure was attractive, no doubt. However, the people from Shrek all had a look of helplessness in their eyes.

Because of the value of this treasure, its price would surely be terrifyingly high too. Even if Shrek Academy wished to purchase it, it would put a huge dent in their finances. Furthermore, with their current setup, they might not even be able to bring it back.

At this time, Ma Xiaotao finally played her role as the team leader. “Pa! Pa! Pa!” She clapped her hands and attracted everyone’s gaze to her.

“It’s fine guys, there’s no need for Shrek Academy to own every single goodie. No doubt this item is good, but it’s way too expensive. To me, this item is overvalued. With so much money, why don’t we just ask some freaks from Shrek Academy to catch some hundred thousand year soul beasts? Furthermore, the description comes solely from the auctioneer, and we don’t know much about any specific details either. Its auction price is surely based on the value of a second martial soul, produced upon successful fusion. What if the fusion fails? Let’s just enjoy the show, shall we?”

Dai Yueheng regained his senses too as he nodded his head and said, “Xiaotao is right. This is a treasure that we might encounter, but may not possess. Even if we encounter it, this is not something that we can buy with our current financial ability. What a shame.” While that was what he said, a dark expression still crossed his eyes. If the people behind the Starlight Auction were not the Imperial Family, he would surely do something. Hatred brewed in his heart. For a treasure like this, even his father did not know the details. If he did…

Huo Yuhao’s eyes were clear. He had no desire for the embryo of this hundred thousand year soul beast. Without desire, his heart was much calmer too. He turned his head to look at Wang Dong. What shocked him was that Wang Dong was eating a fruit from the table. He was acting even more naturally than him.

Huo Yuhao could not help but say in a low voice, “What? Don’t you have the slightest desire for it at all?”

Wang Dong shook his head and said, “No.”

When Ma Xiaotao heard their exchange, she could not help but chide, “The two of you are already twin-souled soul masters, what desire can you possibly have? However, do you know how many twin-souled soul masters are there in the continent? I can count them with one hand. Even for our school, we had not seen one for over 400 years. Now, three appear all at once.”

At this moment, a knock came from the door. Qing Ya stood up and shot a look at Wang Yan, as if seeking his permission.

Wang Yan nodded. Only then did Qing Ya open the door.

The door opened, and the first to enter was Princess Jiu Jiu, who was still clad in her golden, regal robes. The person behind her was none other than the Emperor of the Star Luo Empire.

When she saw who they were, Qing Ya was shocked. She retreated a few steps and knelt on one knee. The two maids next to her knelt on both knees.

The people from Shrek had all seen the emperor in Star Luo Plaza. Now, when they looked at him up-close, all of them were dumbfounded. Only Dai Yueheng leapt up from the sofa and knelt on one knee as he said respectfully, “Your Majesty.”

The Star Luo Emperor raised his hands and said, “Rise. This is an auction, and you are guests. I am the host. There’s no need for formalities. In fact, I should properly extend my hospitality to you as the host. Yueheng, your father is my big brother. You should call me uncle. Why are you acting so formal?”

Only then did the team from Shrek get over their initial shock. They all got up and paid their respects to him, but instead of kneeling, they simply bowed. After all, they belonged to Shrek Academy, whose dean’s position rivalled that of emperors. It would be wrong to show too much deference.

After Wang Yan bowed, he exclaimed in surprise, “Your Majesty, what are you doing?” By coming, the emperor had revealed his status as the force behind the auction. This shocked him.

The emperor smiled and said, “I am here to look at you all. I wanted to take a look at the high-caliber students of Shrek for a very long time. I have seen you compete in every single round. Even though there were some mishaps concerning Shrek Academy's official team, your resolute display of both force and talent has left a deep impression on me.”

“Please sit, Your Majesty,” Wang Yan said as he gestured with his hands.

The Star Luo Emperor shook his head and said, “No, thank you. All of you have seen how shocking this object is. I still need to be there, to guard against those who may harbour ill intent. Speaking of this object, I really can’t bear to auction this item out. However, the empire’s expenses are rather high, and all I can do is give up what I love. Today, other than taking a look at you talented people, I also want to thank you for your warning during the auction of the Ice Jade Scorpion’s left arm bone. This has helped to preserve everyone’s trust in the auction.”

Princess Jiu Jiu said, “Just now, under my mediation, we bought the Ice Jade Scorpion’s left arm bone back ourselves. However, to prevent anymore trust issues from arising, this item can no longer be sold. To thank Shrek Academy for your timely reminder, we have decided to give the Ice Jade Scorpion’s left arm bone away as a gift. If Shrek Academy can become the champions of the inaugural Elite Continental Soul Master Academy Tournament, then we shall give the Ice Jade Scorpion’s left arm bone to your school as an additional reward. Of course, we do hope that you can keep this matter a secret.”

Even if Princess Jiu Jiu did not say it herself, everyone could guess that the auctioneers were the ones who had bought back the item at a price of 30 million. Using this method, they were able to stop others from realizing that the auction item was unable to live up to its hype.

“This…” Wang Yan and everyone from the Shrek Academy were shocked. While they knew that the price for the Ice Jade Scorpion’s left arm bone was clearly not indicative of its value, it was still an immensely valuable object. While others might not be able to use it, it was priceless to Huo Yuhao! Its value surpassed Wang Dong’s Golden Light Left Arm Bone. 10 million was too cheap a price for it! It was possible that the Star Luo Empire had decided to gift it out only because of the absorptive ability of Ultimate Ice. This debt of gratitude was immense indeed, to the point where Wang Yan did not even dare to accept it.

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