The Undefeatable Swordsman

The Undefeatable Swordsman

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Red Sunset
Song Woo-Moon is the son of a simple inn owner in the countryside.
His body is weak since childhood, and one day, a landscape painting received as a gift from an old Daoist causes his mind to become weak as well. 
For years, he is teased as being the village fool, and he grows up as nothing more than a pathetic burden to his parents.
The day he turns twenty, however, his life changes!
Something awakens within him—the supreme martial arts within the landscape painting!
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56 Chapters
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Red Sunset/Rokmedia


Status in Korean: Completed @ 253 chapters 

Editor: penguin

Original work ⓒ Red Sunset / Rokmedia

Release rate: 1 chapter a day

3 Reviews
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22 days ago
Great read so far the novel takes its time in building out the background of the character in an realistic (so far as cultivation and murim is concerned lol) way. The main character going through what he has leaves a good impression for the story to come, nothing outlandish and all things so far are done in a way that fits with the struggles and time frame to get there. The world building is thought out well, the pacing makes for a good way into the life of the main character as well as the events happening around him. So far this is one of the better novels that I have read on the website, tho it has only been the sneak peak at 8 chapters. I look forward to seeing more of this in the future.

bow to your sect master
18 days ago
This novel is pretty good!

It has been a long time since I've read a murim novel, about a few years, and this novel has brought back some good memories.

Yes it has some common tropes, classic females, mysterious parent origin story, OP characters appearing randomly, etc etc. But it's still pretty great, it gives me this nostalgic feeling of reading a classic.

However, despite using the tropes, the author doesn't shy away from changing things that spice up the story.

I also really like the concept of the painting, it builds mystery from the get go. It also gives the reader an idea of the power level and background of this world, and what the mc needs to aspire to be.

And I'm not saying that the tropes are bad, they're great. Indeed tropes are prevalent for a reason, and when used correctly, can help readers get comfortable and help further the plot.

I would say more about the novel but I'm lazy, so all I will say is; this novel is worth your time.

Also don't become disheartened with the 'fool' trope, let the author try something different for once (because I see a lot of people complaining about it in the first chapter)

18 days ago
A good novel (9/10). Within the first 10 chapters you build an emotional tie with the mc and his family, you understand their circumstances and they seem very real, I wasn't bored whenever they were mentioned, in fact I actively wished the mc could help them, and they would be reccuring characters.

This is a trait I find rarely in wuxia novels, in most novels, the mc's family are annoying and just act like bullies when their strong and useless when their weak, with no real semblance of a family besides the mc's mother who gets bullied or is dead.

Another unique thing I found is that there are actually good-natured sect elders In this novel, their not all narrow minded, lecherous delinquents, this only gets applied to a few minor low level brats in this novel which was very refreshing to see.

Besides the pacing and characters being great, the rest is just standard murim. Mount hua, kunlun sect, spirit beasts, evil sects etc.

While the novel doesn't, revolutionalise anything, its really enjoyable regardless, it takes the few tropes and pre-exisiting murim type world it has and uses it really well, with the author putting in small twists throughout so every encounter seems interesting and unpredictable with powerful mysterious characters. In fact to any new wuxia readers I would reccomend them this novel for their first, even though this wasn't the first one I've read, it feels like a classic nonetheless and should be used to show what standard such novels can reach or should reach with good writing.

I honestly couldn't imagine it being any better, the reason I gave it a 9/10 is simply because there are only 20 chapters thus far.

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