Book 2 Chapter 98

Deathly Silence

The veil of night gradually blanketed Azurewater. Leguna looked at the rising moon, having nothing better to do, and let out a sudden sigh. For some reason, he had felt rather restless since their departure. They had prepared to return to Starfall immediately after departing but didn't rush on account of Kurdak. Instead, they found a quiet corner in Azurewater to set up camp.

"Annie, we're relying on you tonight," called Kurdak.


Tonight was a full moon. Thanks to Moonsink Cycle's effects, Kurdak would once again turn into a werewolf. Both Vera and Leguna were initially rather troubled every time the full moon came. But they had been experimenting since the magus girl had joined the party and had come up with an efficient way of dealing with things. It was rather simple.

Annelotte would use a slumber spell to make the werewolf Kurdak more docile. Though it...

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