Book 2 Chapter 84

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The biggest reaction came not from either Leguna or Annelotte but Ferd and Vera. Balor walked out of the shadows. While he was a burly youth, he wasn't as huge as Kurdak. He sported a height of 1.85 meters and had toned and well-defined, but not huge muscles. Anybody could tell with one look the explosiveness power of which his body was capable. He had undoubtedly inherited the perfect figure from his parents, a trait also reflected in Vera. While Leguna was also a tall and slender youth, he had far less musculature than Balor. Instead, he looked more like a tall boy than a young man.

"My child, you haven't died either?"

Though he hadn't seen Balor for ten years, Ferd still managed to recognize the huge, tall youth as his younger son immediately.

"Looks like there are lots of people in this world who want to see me dead. Isn't that right, sister?" Balor said mockingly, "Too bad...

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