Book 2 Chapter 83

Balor and Farsi

The small red hand mark on Leguna's face was still visible when Kurdak saw him but he wore an ecstatic smile. Behind him was Annelotte with her usual immutable expression: ice cold; it wouldn't melt even after a millennium in the sun. It was a rare sight to see her eyebrows slightly raised. It betrayed the anger and astonishment she currently felt. It combined with the eye-catching pink tint to her cheeks to take on a completely different flavor.

Though lovers should only have eyes for each other, Kurdak had no choice but to admit the beauty Annelotte currently radiated wasn't something with which Vera could hope to compare. Upon seeing the sight, he tried to imagine what had happened between the two. A few seconds later, he gasped with surprise and gave Leguna a wholehearted thumbs-up.

"Hehe... Hehehe..." laughed the...

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