Book 2 Chapter 82

The Kiss and the Slap

The words Farsi uttered caused an atmosphere of deathly silence to descend.

Killing non-combatants? Only orcs are capable of such travesties. There's no way we can do such a thing as humans with moral lines we won't cross, thought Kurdak.

He smiled nonchalantly.

"Forget it, we've already earned quite a bit and the rest doesn't amount to much. Also, killing non-combatants is bad taste."

Farsi scanned the orcs before he smiled.

"Then, Mister Kurdak, I take it you don't want part of this bounty?"

Kurdak nodded.

"That's right. I can do without such a small amount of money."


Farsi gave his attendants a glance.

"I'll be taking it all."

The moment Farsi's words left his mouth, the agonized cries of orcs drowned out all other sounds. The human warriors didn't hesitate to slaughter the civilians. They waved their weapons expressionlessly. One orc head after another rolled...

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