Book 2 Chapter 81

Infiltrating Deep into Orc Territory

Farsi looked at Leguna in the distance with a twinkle in his unsettled eyes. Given that Annelotte was right beside him, he didn't pull any moves and merely dictated his spells to kill the enemy.

Leguna flicked Flameblade to get the orc captain's blood off it before he looked behind him at the limping orc that hadn't made it far away. Even though Farsi didn't ask that all the orcs be killed, he felt it best to keep word of a squad of humans traveling deep in orc territory under wraps for a few more days if possible. So, he evaded two other orcs before tossing a smoke bomb on the ground and disappearing.

Modherik resisted the heart-wrenching pain as he continued to advance. He had seen the sight of his father falling when he turned back just a moment ago. Anger, humiliation, and grief assaulted his mind in waves; an overpowering urge to fight the human to the death, but he didn't do so. He had an...

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