Book 2 Chapter 78


"Might you be Kurdak's party?" asked Farsi with a friendly smile on his chubby face.

Farsi wasn't a tall person, but he was quite chubby. He also looked rather average. But perhaps because of his chubby figure, he radiated an innate friendly and approachable aura.

"You're right. I'm Kurdak," answered Kurdak with a nod.

The chubby man left quite a decent impression, given that Farsi didn't have the usual arrogant demeanor of high-up magi. It was bolstered by how he looked straight at a Kurdak and didn't let his gaze linger on the two beauties in their presence.

The group had fought their fair share of fights because of the two women. Vera's explosively seductive figure made most drool, while Annelotte's face could send men down a road of insane desire. The two attracted their quite a bit of trouble no matter where they went. Initially, Kurdak was worried that Farsi would be taken with the two. It would definitely prove quite troubling....

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