Book 2 Chapter 77

Kurdak and his Father-In-Law

"Vera, is it really you?"

The middle-aged man struggled to stand up but was ultimately unable to, given that both his hands and feet were bound.

Noticing that something was off, Leguna hurriedly used his dagger to sever the ropes binding the man's legs. While Vera had already made the identity of that man known, he didn't release the bindings around his hands as a precaution.

"Father!" greeted Vera as she cut off the ropes binding his hands without hesitation.

She observed him closely. Nine years had passed and the man was no longer as glorious and tough as he had been back then. His hair had also whitened considerably.

"Vera... You... Didn't you..."

The man stuttered as he tried to ask whether Vera was dead. But he didn't dare say it, as if the act itself was a curse that would make it become true. Understanding what the man meant, she shook her head.

"No, back then, Big Brother stopped the orcs and allowed...

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