Book 2 Chapter 76

Acting Cute Despite Your Age

Leguna drew his longsword. It was the very one he had picked up two years ago at Icepeak Mountain. At the time he hadn't really thought about it and swiped it for use because it was convenient. However, Wayerliss realized that it was a decent weapon and had him put it to good use.

Though the sword was originally shiny and sharp, after two years of slaughtering, the blade had gradually darkened. The jewel in the hilt had become darker and glossier as well. Thus, Leguna named the sword after this unique property: Lighteater.

It was worth mentioning that though Lighteater had turned darker than it was when first picked up, its sharpness had increased. So, he felt it was quite a delight to use.

He swung Lighteater with his right hand and Flameblade with his left. As the dagger constantly radiated an eye-catching magic glow, Leguna couldn't use it during assassinations, only in straight-up combat.

Six orcs howled as they rushed out of their tent. Looking at their four collapsed comrades and the two bloody tents,...

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