Book 2 Chapter 75

Two Years After

Leguna was fast asleep. He had already been rushing about the wild flatlands for two days and finally, the day when he didn't have to take up night watch had come. So, he slept incredibly soundly.

All of a sudden, a sharp whistling sound echoed over the flat horizons. The whistle should've brought lots of attention to it, but oddly, neither Kurdak, who was on night patrol, nor Vera or Annelotte, sound asleep, reacted.

He buried his head deeper into his sleeping bag as if it could help him drown out the sound. However, it continued to assault his ears and wouldn't go away no matter how he turned about.

His eyes opened and his brows furrowed.

"It's that darned old guy again. The hell's he skipping sleep to mess with me at this time of the night?"

Though he was filled with dread and frustration, he could do nothing but pack up his gear sourly.

Kurdak pulled the blanket tighter. Though it...

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