Book 1 Chapter 73


"According to my observations, you are qualified to become my disciple. Now, it's your turn to make the choice. What will it be? Power? Or wealth? If you choose wealth, you will be one of my subordinates. Serve me with your abilities as a shadow dancer and I will provide you with endless wealth. If you choose power, you'll be my second disciple. I will make you powerful, far more than you can imagine. However, you have to face Balor and you might die. But the moment you defeat him, you'll inherit everything I have."

"President, if I choose not to fight with Balor, will he really let me off? Will he let Annie off as well?"

Wayerliss shook his head.

"I don't know. Balor's personality has become really hard to predict. I can't ensure your safety."

"Then, I never had a choice," Leguna said as he raised his head to look the tall elf in the face, "Including this time, Annie should've saved...

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