Book 1 Chapter 67


It should be noted that Kurdak never would've expected to see Leguna's sneaky-looking face wear such an ecstatic expression. He looked to be in pure bliss.

Even with Daver leading the way and the contact crystal marking their location, they had spent a whole day before they could finally find Kurdak's hideout. Over the course of that day, Vera's wound had reopened and Kurdak had been in a very weak state. Their mobility had taken a huge blow. Even though their lives weren't in any danger in the short term, there was no way they could make it out of Icepeak Mountain on their own.

That was why, when Kurdak saw the little rascal, he acted like a wolf that'd just caught sight of a beauty and leaped straightforward to give the youth a big bear-hug.

"Boss... Did you... miss me... that much?"

Though Leguna struggled to breath, he didn't resist. Actually, he was also rather moved to see the big lunk. Over the last couple of days, he and Annelotte had had to face off against fiends and Daver -- at first. Given that he didn't have much experience...

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