Book 6 Chapter 636


"Who's that?" The people in the plaza broke into a commotion at Annelotte's sudden appearance. Her looks were far too prominent without any glamor on, so they instantly recognized her.

"It's the glacial empress, Miss Annelotte!"

"The blue jewel of the empire?! Why is she here?"

"Isn't it obvious? She and Leguna are really intimate! I didn't think their relationship went that far!"

"You're saying…"

"It must be! Annelotte must be a traitor too! She must be on Leguna's side!"

"How could it be?! She's the pride of the empire!"

"Ptooey! Who knows what lurks beneath the masks they wear? Think about it, Leguna's merely an assassin, yet he was behind magic like the Tide of Death. How could he have done that without the crooked Annelotte's help?!"


"No buts! She only looks pure, but she's a venomous demon underneath!"

Just like that, word of Annelotte being one of the masterminds behind the Tide of Death began to spread. This sent the crowd into another fury of anger. She used to symbolize perfection for them, but her reputation tanked immediately now that she had associated herself with Leguna.

"Crook! How did the empire mistreat you?!"

"Stupid wench! To think I saw you as a goddess!"

Their attitude towards her was more or less similar to the one they had for Leguna. They picked up whatever they could and threw it at her, but she wasn't powerless like Leguna. Her eyes glowed and a magic barrier formed around her. The crowd had no way of flinging their projectiles of righteous rage and justice at her.

"Miss Annelotte, I'm giving you a chance to leave immediately. If you do, I can pretend all that didn't happen." Alissanda jumped off his podium and raised Lunaminous. He was 15 meters away from the platform.

"Give me a chance?" Annelotte shot him a hate-filled glare. "I have never needed a crook like you to give me any chances!"

Alissanda held his sword out straight and got into a charging stance. "I know you're one of the strongest magi alive, but let me remind you that I'm a saint now. Even you might not be my match."

"You're only a saint. How dare you act so arrogantly?!" The moment her voice dropped, a wave of powerful magic flooded the scene.

"A myth-realm magus?!" One old magus on the stage almost had his eyes popped up. He was the vice-chairman of the court magi association who had taken Myr's place as the new chairman following his death. However, he was merely an 18th-stratum magus despite training all his life. He wasn't even close to the 19th stratum. Yet, the young woman who hadn't joined the association for more than a few years had achieved what he didn't even dared to dream of -- the myth realm.

"Darn it, I thought I'd be able to hold myself against her after getting Icewing, but she broke through the myth realm!" cried a woman that sported a seductive figure from the crowd. It was Angelista in a glamor disguise. She looked at the other two girls around her. "How do you even get along with a madwoman like her? If I stay beside her long enough, I'd feel so crushed and defeated all the time!"

"Why bother comparing ourselves to Sis Annie? That's just how she is!" Innilis said, as a braindead fan would.

"Well… Maybe we just got numbed to it," Eirinn said with a pained smile. She looked like a normal human woman in glamor. Annelotte was someone they would never be able to catch up to no matter what. Anyone would feel defeated after spending enough time with someone like her. But Eirinn was glad that she knew someone like her, because without her, they never would've been able to create the miracle of saving Leguna from this kind of predicament.

Did you know, Sis Annie? I've always envied how perfect, strong and fearless you are… Eirinn thought, But I'm still happy I got to know you! It's only because of you I can be with Big Brother Leguna!

"You…" Alissanda hesitated in the face of the magnificent wave of mana. He had never fought with her before, but he knew that he wasn't her match if they were on the same level. Had Annelotte remained in the high order, he would still be confident enough to take her on as a saint. But now that she was a myth-realm magus, he wasn't so keen on fighting the monstrously powerful woman.

His hesitation gave her enough time to dictate her spell. A terrifying wave of cold spread out from Annelotte and formed an icy-blue space that expanded nonstop and covered the entire execution grounds in a 20-metre-wide half-sphere.

After that, she ignored the cursing commoners and Alissanda. She descended onto the platform and continued her calculations as if nobody was beside her.

[Oh… She was able to understand so many laws just by watching my fight with Myr… Even I have to offer my praise,] Nidhogg's voice rang out once more in Leguna's mind, [She even used an aspect domain! Amazing! Truly amazing!]

Leguna felt a little odd hearing him praise her like that. However, he knew she was busy with her calculations and can't afford to be interrupted. So, he looked up and around. The half-sphere she emitted was the aspect domain Nidhogg had mentioned. Within it, she controlled all the frost aspect essences at will. It was similar to the Deadash Domain Nidhogg used against Leybecca, but his was of the fire aspect while Annelotte's was of the frost aspect. In terms of might, however, it still paled in comparison to Nidhogg's domain.

Even so, it was enough. Alissanda, a saint, had been forced out of the domain. He tried to shield himself with his impetus to break into it, but after taking one step inside, the frost aspect covered him immediately. His skin, muscles and blood froze in an instant. It was a level of damage even his Host of Radiance couldn't allow him to resist that.

Countless arrows came flying towards her per Alissanda's orders, but they were frozen stiff once they penetrated the domain. Even the high-level spells of the association's president were useless.

There's hope! There's really hope! The fire of hope in Leguna was reignited at the sight of the miracle Annelotte created. If she could hold the domain for ten minutes and break the seal, they'd definitely be able to escape Melindor if they worked together! They'd survive!

Darn, is there nothing we can do about this? Alissanda thought in a panic. Leguna couldn't be allowed to leave. He carried the seed of disaster and had to die!

"Your Highness, let me." Someone among the audience on the stage flew into the air. The next moment, terrifying mana flowed out of his body, one that wasn't weaker than Annelotte's one bit!

It was another myth-realm magus! How could Hocke have that many? Leguna struggled to look up in terror and saw Alfreid's snake-like eyes glare at him!

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