Book 6 Chapter 624

Storming the Academy

Leguna felt rather uneasy. Even though he believed Lisana wouldn't lie to him, that didn't mean he trusted that she would succeed. After all, she seldom did any sneaking or assassinations.

I hope you'll be fine…

After a while, a commotion started with the guards once more. Just like before, a bright female voice was arguing with them.

Just like before, the door to the cell was opened. Lisana had fulfilled her promise and returned with what he wanted.

"Do you have it?" he asked hopefully.


She showed the key in her hand but didn't hand it over immediately.

"Do you need me to promise anything?" he asked with a shrug. He quickly got the reason for her hesitation.

"Don't hurt Alissanda," she stated her conditions, "Even though I'm helping you, I believe he has his qualms for doing so. So, don't hurt him, alright?"

"Alissanda has helped me a lot. He is a friend," he said with a smile, "I wouldn't hurt him even if you didn't tell me that."

"I hope you'll keep your word." She slowly approached and unlocked his cuffs.

"What's with these cuffs?" He furrowed his brow. Even after he was freed from the chains binding him to the walls, he still wasn't able to muster any energy. The cuffs stuck to his wrists like glue and it didn't seem like he would be getting rid of them unless he had his hands amputated.

"I'm not sure myself. I heard it's some kind of divine item belonging to the empire." The one who used the cuffs against him was Alissanda, so she couldn't really say what plans he had for him.

"Whatever…" He shook his hands with some frustration. Even though he wanted to act himself, it didn't seem that was possible. Though, he didn't think it would be a problem.

With her help, he managed to leave the cell. Once he got out, he found that he had been kept within a dungeon for prisoners on death row. It seemed the facility had been reserved for him alone.


Lisana and Leguna left the basement unobstructed. After that, Leguna didn't leave Melindor right away. Instead, he went to the bureau and sat back down in his office like nothing had happened.

"Sir, you're back," Xeno said, entering from a hidden door. He kneeled on one leg to show his loyalty.

"I know you have questions about the time I've been away, but we have something even more important to deal with now," he casually said. The matter of his imprisonment should only be known by the top elite of the empire. Xeno and the bureau were probably not made aware of it yet.

"Awaiting your orders, Sir."

"Get a few brothers we can trust. We'll storm First Magic Academy tonight."

"Storm the academy? Are you certain?"

"Yes. Even though I don't know what plans Geoffrey has, he has confined Annie and the others in the academy's prison. So, I have to go save them. As for the top brass, I'll give them an explanation for it."

"Understood. I will carry out any order you need me to, Sir, no matter the cost."

"Good. I only need a few elites," he said, then paused. "Also, it's a little inconvenient for me to act now, so can I leave it to you?"

"Yes, Sir!" he said with a firm nod.


For some reason, Geoffrey felt a little uneasy that night, but he couldn't find the reason.

"What's going on…" he muttered as he shut a magic tome. Everything seemed to be going well. First Magic Academy was now in his complete control and Alfreid seemed to be getting ever so closer to him. With his influence, the empire's ministers and officials should be on his side. As for the military, since Larwin's death, Alissanda had clearly stated that he wasn't interested in inheriting the throne after he returned. The two of them had long talks to sort their differences out, so the military shouldn't pose to be a problem.

So, what was it that made him feel so unnerved?

He furrowed his brow as he thought of the only other institution that was hostile towards him: Leguna's bureau. As the largest intelligence outfit in the empire, it did pose a huge threat to him. However, wasn't Leguna imprisoned already?

"Perhaps I'm overthinking this," Geoffrey muttered. But the moment he spoke a high-pitched alarm rang out in his office.

"The magic prison?!" His pupils dilated. He didn't think that someone would be breaking into the prison at a time like that. Only Annelotte and a few others were imprisoned that day. Who else would care about their livelihoods? Could it be the elders of Second Magic Academy? No, they didn't even know where Annelotte was. Eirinn and Innilis had also been secretly abducted.

"Guards!" Geoffrey called out through his magic voice transmission system on his office desk, "What's going on with the prison?"

"Principal! The prison has been attacked by a group of assassins! We suffered heavy casualties! They'll be at the bottom-most floor soon!" the guard replied in a panicked voice.

"You pathetic good-for-nothings!" he rebuked. Annelotte and the rest were kept in the lowest levels of the prison. Even though he hadn't fought Annelotte before, he knew how strong she truly was. Had she not been unconscious, there would be no way First Magic Academy would be able to detain a crazy-strong gifted like her. So, it didn't matter how many assassins that tried to break in were killed. If any one of them managed to let Annelotte go, First Magic Academy would be completely done for! Locking up the principal of Second Magic Academy was a grave crime!

"They took us completely off guard! One of the assassins is like a wraith! He's at least of the high order!"

"Useless!" He made his decision to have all the guards killed even if they managed to keep the prison defended. Now, he had to prioritize how to make sure nobody was let out.

He switched the magic crystal to change the communications channel to the bedrooms of the elders of First Magic Academy. "All elders, get out of your beds, chairs and labs and come over here! The magic prison has been assailed by a group of mysterious assassins. I order you in the name of principal to come defend it now!"

"Eilos, copy!"

"Krontor, copy!"

All the elders gave their responses. Fortunately for him, the elders still seemed to be rather obedient.

"What the hell!" he cursed as he left his office. He had to make his way to the prison immediately. He didn't feel safe leaving it all to those useless pricks.

Squelch! The moment he stepped out of his office, a sharp dagger pierced through his heart in an instant.

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