Book 6 Chapter 610

Path of Sacrifice

Alissanda calmly watched as Angelista got swallowed up by the dragon's breath. He had wanted to take the blow for her, but he didn't do so after a moment's hesitation.

A few seconds ago, he wouldn't hesitate to defend a high-order magus like her, but it was different now. She had expended her mana, and no matter how powerful she was, currently, she was no different from trash on the battlefield. He was still confident he could charge into the sea of corpses to save other warriors who could still fight, but he wouldn't waste time saving a magus that could no longer fight since that did nothing to help the battle. Not to mention, she was a dark elf with a rather bad reputation.

In another sense, he knew how big a role he played in this battle. He was the moral support of the other warriors...

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