Book 6 Chapter 608

Battle of the Fort (2)

"In the name of the sacred light!" Alissanda yelled with his greatsword, Lunaminous in hand. He let his impetus surge out nonstop and the corpses near him groaned threateningly after sensing the sacred aura he gave out. However, not one of them dared to charge.

In a few short seconds, his body let out an intense glow filled with holy energy. Leguna had complained quite often about his Host of Radiance. In his own words, he said that while that ability would be perfect to use as a magic street lamp, it was too bad it could only be used on days with sunlight.

After activating Host of Radiance, Alissanda transformed into an undying god of war in the eyes of the warrior. He raised Lunaminous up high and roared, parting the sword into two weapons. One of them glowed bright all over and let out a warm...

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