Book 6 Chapter 593

Walking Corpses

Jack finished his patrol route and squirmed into his tent. His comrades snored like thunder as he lit the lamp within.

Giving the two a kick, he said, "Hey, it's past midnight. It's supposed to be your turn."

"Mmmm…" The two chubby warriors began to dress up half-awake.

"Darn… I was dreaming about making out with the Midnight Rose's best!" a warrior complained.

"Tch, you only get to enjoy it in your dreams… I heard the Midnight Rose's best ones cost a hundred gold coins to spend a night with. How would a poor sod like you afford it?" Jack snapped.

"Can't afford? Heh, don't joke around! Unlike you folks with families to feed, I only need to feed myself. I don't need to send any money back to the family like the rest of you! All my money's...

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