Book 6 Chapter 592


"So this is really Hela…" Jilroan looked at the staff with wonder. He didn't use an ounce of his own power throughout that demonstration. Using the staff's power alone, he was able to take and grant life force. He didn't think that any of the divine items in Stok's treasury could rival its power.

"Hela is Hell's staff. Its power is not as simple as the manipulation of life force. Instead, it grants control over necromantic energies itself. Hell is after all the god of death. Most spells in necromancy are related to him." Logg used Magus's Hands to toss the puppy out of the basement. "This peak necromantic spell is in itself an incredibly strong summoning spell for undead. With the formation and the staff, not only will you be able to control this spell, Hela would also be able...

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