Book 6 Chapter 578

Wall Breaking (1)

"What did… you say?" Alissanda looked like he had seen a ghost. What did Annelotte mean by opening another gate?

"How many magic cannons does the force have now?" She didn't answer his question.

"We took around 20 with us this time around," he said, taken aback.

"Have the cannoneers stop randomly firing. Focus it on the walls--" She pointed into the distance. "--I want to hit that spot. Make sure they concentrate fire!"

"But… Miss Annelotte, that's solid wall, you know. Are you certain…"

"Yes, she plainly said, "Just give the order."

Seeing how confident she seemed, he turned hesitant.

Fort Kesta was built in a crucial and strategic location. Stok had built the fort according to the strictest defensive protocols. Apart...

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