Book 4 Chapter 557

Sasha's Improvement

One's sudden appearance had caused Alissanda to have a close brush with death. But thanks to Leguna's efforts, it all ended without any commotion. After he proved himself to be straight to the prince, the two went back to the hall.

"Sir," Xeno greeted. He had been patiently waiting at the entrance of the garden.

"I'll be going first. Come back later." Alissanda could tell from his outfit that Xeno was someone from the bureau, so he gave the two space.

"How many people know about this matter?" Leguna asked after some thought.

"Nobody. You had asked for the agents protecting His Highness to be removed just now. I thought that the assassin didn't feel right, so I came over. Nobody else knows about this," Xeno said.

"I asked for protection...

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