Book 4 Chapter 541

Dance of Wind and Domain of Sword

Marolyt looked up and saw Kevin standing in the distance, shining and golden.

While he was on high ground and even had a deity's backing, he felt like he was the one truly being looked down upon. The feeling wasn't rooted in anything; it was simply a feeling that even if he worked with Wayerliss, he wouldn't be able to defeat Marolyt.

"Back when I lost Laulice and obtained this power, I had sealed it away," Marolyt proclaimed, "Now, I will show you the power the galestorm swordsaint had sealed away for two decades! My third gift!"

Kevin gripped his lance tight and glared at him. His expression revealed the anxiety and tension he felt.

"Dance of Wind." He muttered the name of his third gift before he disappeared from their...

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