Book 4 Chapter 540

Father's Dedication

The woman's name was Laulice, Annelotte's mother and the only woman Marolyt had ever loved. Even when he was fooling with women behind her back, he still loved only her.

He had lost her. Finally and forever and no regret in the world could reunite them.

He sat, dazed, in front of the altar she'd made of their bedroom for the whole night. When he emerged the next morning, his signature ice-blue hair was silver. He had lost twenty years of his youth in a single night.

He sent Annelotte Lance with Wayerliss before sunset that very day.

He hated the little thing. Her coming into existence was what had pushed his wife over the edge. If she'd never gotten pregnant with the little tumor then he could never have failed to show a reaction, and his wife would never have been pushed over the edge. Her birth was also the final step for his wife to take before...

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