Book 4 Chapter 535

The Imprisoned Swordsaint

The small village near the northern border of Hocke used to be a human settlement. However, after Leguna killed Barbarian King Legg in the northern highlands, some substantial changes occurred. A large number of humans moved away from the north as their not-so-fertile land would be where the barbarians in the north settled later on. As northern Hockians, they knew who savage the sentient beings from the north were. They were no different from human-shaped animals, so most of the humans chose to leave their homes for the south, which was similarly troubled by war.

Larwin had taken a bet in the southern move of the barbarians.

Among the few benefits of the move would be Hocke getting an elite military force they had never seen before. If they could get the barbarians to join in the war against Stok,...

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