Book 4 Chapter 534

As Big as It Gets

That day, many people acted very odd. First, there was Eirinn. After drawing first blood with Leguna, she began to feel a little unwell, or rather, too well. Her face was red and flushed for the whole day and she even sounded really shy when speaking to the students that went to see her.

The female students didn't think too much about it apart from noting how unusual it was. But the male students who came to see her alone thought she was shy specifically because she was talking to them. So, a few daring ones decided to make their move. Some gave her flowers or proposed or asked her out on dates. They were all refused awkwardly, however. Right after that, they were dealt with by Innils's Eirinn protection corps.

Sasha picked up on Innilis's odd behavior. She had been dragged...

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