Book 4 Chapter 533

Marolyt's Disappearance

Eirinn moaned softly. She gazed at the red spots on the sheets and felt a surge of embarrassment and bliss.

[Alright, it's her first time too. You've been humping her for an hour. Let her rest,] Gahrona said.


While he hadn't let out his pent-up desires that festered over two decades, Leguna felt bad for her. Since his teacher had spoken, he dropped the notion of going for yet another round.

Actually, it was rather awkward. Their entire first time had been witnessed by Gahrona. The former saint-realm assassin didn't have a special fetish, but the two lovebirds had no idea what they should do.

All Leguna knew to do was to fill her hole with his stick. She, on the other hand, didn't even know something so basic.

So, Gahrona was going to play the role of teacher all the way, even when it came to matters such...

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