Book 4 Chapter 528

Didn't Push You Down

Leguna had never dreamt Annelotte would shriek like that. She was Annelotte, the glacial empress who always kept her cool! Even as she faced the crimsonblood fiend, Saron, she didn't panic!

But now, she was screaming like a common girl molested by a thug, perhaps at a pitch higher than most.

Her scream lasted tens of seconds…

As it went on, Leguna kept trying to calm her down. "Annie, Annie stop screaming… You… You shouldn't let others hear this… At least use a silence barrier…"

She finally realized things would get far worse if this was allowed to spread. She immediately dictated a barrier of silence, but when she looked back at him, she found him still staring at her two pink cherries.

Drip… drip…

More and more blood flowed out...

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