Book 4 Chapter 526

Let's Do It!

Annelotte continued to feel her stomach churn and kept on vomiting.

Leguna had lost count of how many times he grimaced. He felt the warm trail of liquids flow from his chest, along his lower abdomen, his thighs and to his feet.

Thankfully, I came out in a rush and didn't put on any expensive clothes… he thought. He hadn't planned to join Annelotte that night, but he wouldn't let her go about the city without a guard either. So, he sent two reliable agents to follow her in case of an emergency.

The two agents then saw her step out of the establishment, swaying unstably. She appeared to be quite drunk.

After some hesitation, the agents decided to report this to Leguna. One of them went to make the report while the other stayed to watch....

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