Book 4 Chapter 524

Reason for Anger

"Putting it that way is not entirely accurate either," Annelotte spoke in an odd tone. Her usual appetite was by no means small, but she wouldn't touch alcohol unless she absolutely had to. But to thank Angelsita's help this time around, she relaxed that restriction. While she wouldn't pour herself any alcohol to drink, she wouldn't refuse to toast and drink what she was served.

She didn't have good alcohol, to begin with, being only as tolerant as Innilis was, so this was the first time she got drunk. It wasn't like that snowy night when she got a little tipsy with Leguna. She was drunk through and through.

Her face was flushed red and her eyes seemed rather glazed. Thankfully, she was only around Angelista. Had there been any other man in the vicinity, he would've long been overloaded...

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