Book 4 Chapter 523

Leguna Hemorrhaging Money

"Is it true?" Leguna subconsciously asked a pointless question upon hearing her explanation.

"What did you think I was doing?" Angelista poked her finger on his chest and gave it a teasing twirl. "You stinking man… roughing me up like that while treating Annelotte there so gently… Let me down, or is your arm feeling too good and making you forget yourself?"

Leguna only just realized that his arm was pushing into her soft bunnies. From elasticity alone, he had no doubt Angelista was the undisputed champion in terms of feel. The soft cushiness… Hehehe…

Just as he was talking to himself in his mind and agonizing over whether he should hold on for two more seconds, he felt a murderous glare from behind. He hurriedly loosened his grip.

"I'm really sorry, Miss Angelista," he said...

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