Book 4 Chapter 521

Annelotte's Miscalculation

Annelotte didn't choose to make this a public fight. After all, her gifts and Angelista's special abilities were top secret.

While most people in Chino, and even Hocke, knew that Annelotte was a gifted, that didn't necessarily mean they were aware of her actual gifts. Quite a number of people didn't even know they centered on low-temperature frost.

Showing all her trump cards in a public fight would be a bad idea, so she wisely chose not to make it public. Even Angelista didn't have much to say about that decision.

"What do you want to see? The aftershocks from my and the principal's fight with shock you dumb! For the sake of my blissful sex life, you folks better hide yourselves away in a safe place!" Angelista yelled with frustration at her annoying students who wanted to see the match.

However, her words...

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