Book 4 Chapter 516

I'm Annlelotte

Leguna smacked his forehead. Brani was looking at him now like she would a traitor. Skin color aside, she looked really similar to Eirinn and he couldn't quite face her like that.

"Mister Leguna, care to explain what this is about?" Brani asked gloomily.

Linq wasn't a core member of the house and his departure wouldn't affect the house much. Angelista, on the other hand, was a top-class executor. She was a precious resource which was necessary to hold the whole house together.

Currently, House Elvin had three high-order magi, namely, Wesley, Sol and Angelista. As Brani's blood relative, Wesley was also the leader of the magi in the house, as well as one of Brani's right hands. Angelista and Sol were new entrants which could be considered to be under probation.

Regardless, there...

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