Book 4 Chapter 515

Linq the Traitor

The moment Jayla spoke, all the dark elves chattered amongst themselves while trading gazes with one another.

Some looked at the female dark elf warrior in the center of the hall with glee. They began to plan how they could get the most benefit out of Jayla's fall. Some men even considered how they could keep her around and get her to serve as their pleasure slave. Naturally, her impetus would first have to be crippled.

Quite a number of elves who had good ties with Jayla, however, seemed rather grim. They knew that if something happened to her, they definitely wouldn't escape unscathed either.

However, Jayla didn't seem at all nervous and stood there relaxedly as if she was waiting to hear what Brani would say next.

"Give me a reason you did that, a reason I can be satisfied with," Brani said.

"What if my reason doesn't satisfy you?"

"It better."

Jayla looked...

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