Book 4 Chapter 514

Jayla's Return

There was a unique scent on Brani. It smelled like calming orchid, but with an extra hint of spicy temptation

Even Marolyt had to admit that Brani was an alluring woman. She had both a great face and awesome figure, and even her scent was dreamy! She was a total vixen!

Brani poked her little mouth forward and nibbled on Marolyt's ear with her lips. "So, would you want to? Mister Marolyt? This time, it's free!"

His eyes began to cloud up, much to Brani's delight.

Few could compare to her mother, Sala, when it came to riling men up. After observing her mother for so long, she began to develop quite a lot of those skills as well. She then applied them in practice to the point that...

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