Book 4 Chapter 513

Brani's Temptation

"So? What's this all about?" Marolyt asked solemnly.

"I'm not too sure about why this happened. The one who helped me get into contact with that elf was Linq." She shrugged and poured herself a cup of red tea before sipping it elegantly.

"Who's Linq?" he asked.

"One of my subordinates," she said before she paused and shook her head. "That doesn't quite describe him well. He's a really opined male dark elf that is currently in my service. It was he who brought Wayerliss to me. That elf promised me that if I follow his plans, I would become matriarch.

"So you agreed?"

"I had no way of refusing at all," Brani said with a look of slight horror, "That elf is far scarier than...

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