Book 4 Chapter 512

It Was Him

"Eirinn… can I come in?" Leguna asked after a gentle knock.

"Yes, Big Brother Leguna," Annelotte, disguised as Eirinn, said.

Unlike Sala, Brani knew how terrifying Leguna was. She still needed to rely on the current crisis, so she didn't dare to easily offend him. Among those things she did to ensure he didn't get on his bad side was treating Eirinn well.

When Sala controlled House Elvin, Eirinn had been imprisoned by her. While Leguna didn't say anything about it, he was actually quite dissatisfied, and Brani picked up on it. So, she relaxed the security around Eirinn and would never dare to arrest and monitor her.

While 'Eirinn' sounded rather happy to those outside, Leguna shuddered from the chill wi...

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