Book 4 Chapter 511

Wood and Blaze

The attack on House Elvin had ended and their slaves were cleaning up the battlefield. They packed away the bodies of the dead expressionlessly; most of them belonged to the gnomes or dwarves. There were, however, also those unfortunate dark elves that fell. Though, they were no different to the slaves. They were cleaning all of them up like trash.

"Come to think of it, it's pretty weird. Dark elves, when they're alive, hold a much higher status than those slaves," Leguna muttered. He couldn't help but gasp at the sight. If a dwarven slave so much as blocked the way of a dark elf, his hands could be cut off. The treatment towards slaves in that matter was rare even in the human realm.

"But now?" Marolyt asked.

"Now?" He smirked and looked at the corpse as he mumbled, "Well, they're just corpses now and...

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