Book 4 Chapter 508

Harvesting High-order Magi

The crimson glow gradually faded and Brani descended to the ground at a gradual speed. Leguna looked up and saw that Brani's eyes were no longer silvery grey, but tinted with a hint of red instead, possibly do to Ross's power.

Brani smiled. "I thank you for being willing to help us at a time like this, Mister Leguna."

"I can help you, but I hope you will keep your word," Leguna said a little threateningly, "Otherwise, you know what will happen."

"Unlike Sala, I know what kinds of people not to make enemies out of," she said with a shrug and swept her gaze across everyone present. "Ross has just acknowledged me as matriarch. I wonder if there are any who would object to it?"

Nobody spoke a word. Gassos's elite guards stood around the hall with their hands on their...

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