Book 4 Chapter 496

Elvin's Matriarch

"You!" Linq roared as he sweated nervously. He glared at Leguna with rage and said, "You're a demon! A devil! No, something far more evil than those races!"

"Say whatever you like." Leguna said nonchalantly. He gave Eirinn a look and muttered, "I don't care how you see me or what I am. A demon? Devil? How laughable. If this is what I have to do to protect them, then I'd rather become something hundreds of times more evil an ugly. This is my principle, and the main reason I keep fighting."

The dark elf's gaze finally changed to one of heartfelt respect. He could see something in the youth: anchors that held him back, something uncommon among dark elves. The driving force behind dark elves' motivations was profit, nothing more. There was no line they wouldn't cross. However, they strove for benefits to the point that it was no longer a means,...

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