Book 4 Chapter 494

True Intention

[Lass?] Angelista looked to be around her twenties in human terms. Given elven rates of growth, she was at least sixty or seventy years old. Leguna didn't understand why Gahrona called her a lass.

[Hah! This child's a soulgrasper, so she can use the power of souls to speed up her growth. Actually, she's not much older than you.]

Leguna was speechless. But at the very least he learned the strength of soulgraspers. If they could even change their rate of growth, they could even go against natural biological laws. It was indeed rather a formidable power.

[Normally, soulgraspers can suppress all foes with weaker enthymema than them. Even if you're a gifted, you probably won't fare too well before her,] Gahrona continued, [But with me here, you won't have to fear.]

[Then I'll count on you, Teacher.]...

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