Book 4 Chapter 485

Oljharok and Eiron

On the way back to the tavern, Kurdak and Vera discussed their options. Even though they didn't know magic, they could be reasonably sure removing a spell wouldn't take as long as two years.

There was certainly another reason Eiron wanted them to be in the elven settlement for so long. Did that mean he was trying to get them to leave Starfall?

If so, why would he do so?

The two of them weren't able to figure out the reason. How could they know that even after coming to Lance, someone would be trying to use both of them to suppress Leguna?

They had no choice but to ask the more experienced Manhattan for advice and listen to Lamir's opinion as well. Though, they knew they didn't really have much of a choice since Eiron seemed to have quite a lot of power in Moonshadow. Basically, they couldn't choose any other option even...

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