Book 4 Chapter 484

Arikos's Desire

"What?!" The moment Eiron spoke, both Vera and Kurdak, and even Arikos, seemed shocked.

"Eiron Bator is only a name I use among humans," Eiron explained with a smile, "My elf name is Eiron, Shadow of the New Moon. So, the true name of that child isn't Wayerliss Deepshadow, but rather, Wayerliss, Shadow of the New Moon. He is…"

"What is he?" The three of them put their gossip faces on.

Eiron blushed at that point. After some hesitation, he said, "He is the child of me and my wife, he was born of a half-elf."

"Ooooh!" they chimed in unison. Had Eiron not mingled with humans before, he would've been crippled by that eerie sound as most other thin-skinned elves would."

"What happened next?" Vera asked impatiently. Gossip was in her blood and nature. And now, she was given a chance...

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