Book 4 Chapter 476


"That woman's always so mysterious I can't figure her out!" Leguna scratched his head in frustration. One gave Leguna the impression she was really important, but everything she said didn't make much sense to him.

"By the way, Sasha, what's your gift?" Innilis asked, concerned about the power of her roommate.

"My gift…" Sasha looked a little troubled, but she shook her head surprisingly. "I don't even know what that is."

"You don't?!" Why would a gifted not know their own gift?

"But I really don't…"

"Maybe she hasn't awakened it yet," Leguna suggested.

Being a gifted himself, he was much better informed about the matter. "Eirinn, you should know that I was no different from a normal kid back then, right?"

"Then when did you awaken it, Big Brother?" Eirinn asked.

"I…" Leguna blushed...

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