Book 4 Chapter 475

Let's Go to the Bedroom?

"Big Brother… I've missed you so much… Sniff… I thought you abandoned me…"

Sasha bawled the moment she leapt into Leguna's chest.

Usually, Leguna would console the pitiful girl if she suddenly leapt into him. But he couldn't do it right now. He couldn't even protect himself.

The moment Sasha came to him, Leguna felt two glares burning holes in him. Even him, a high-order assassin, felt his heart skip a beat.

Leguna was dumbfounded. He looked around and saw that the glow in Innilis's eyes was no longer one of innocence but bloodlust. She looked like a wolf stalking prey in the night.

He tried his best to flex his facial muscles into a smile and turned to look at Eirinn. Eirinn's face was full of smiles....

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