Book 4 Chapter 472

School Starting

A month later, Leguna received a letter from Kurdak that stated that he had settled down in Lance.

The Eye of Arcana had lost its former edge thanks to Moonshadow's suppression, and since it had been so long since that incident, Kurdak wouldn't be in much trouble if he kept a low profile.

As Kurdak had said, he used the money Leguna gave him to start a tavern and hired a few workers. So far, it seemed to be working out quite well.

Other than that, Kurdak also brought up two surprising points in the letter.

First, Kurdak and Vera ran into Lamir and Manhattan before they left for Lance and they decided to go travel there together after some discussion.

Additionally, Kurdak actually set up his tavern in Starfall right under the noses of the Eye. It was near the odd-job department of Moonshadow. Kurdak explained...

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